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I, Daniel Blake demands a political response

Mark Stephens argues that the underlying solution to the misery inflicted on the characters portrayed in David Loach’s film lies in reforming policy, not charity.

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Select Committee Report misses opportunity to be radical on homelessness

Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Sarah Johnsen and Beth Watts reflect on recent recommendations to strengthen the homelessness safety net in England.

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The most deprived areas have borne the brunt of local government budget cuts

A Joseph Rowntree Foundation report from researchers at the University of Glasgow and Heriot Watt’s I-SPHERE shows that the most deprived areas of England have seen the largest cuts in funding since 2010. The

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Having a legal right to settled accommodation empowers homeless people in Scotland

Scotland is very unusual in granting virtually all homeless people a legal entitlement to settled accommodation. Beth Watts asks what difference such legal rights really make to experiences of homelessness.

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Young adults hit hardest by benefit sanctions

A new report published today focuses on conditional welfare arrangements, highlighting the disproportionate impact sanctions are having on young people.

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The Welfare Wall

To date assessments of the current UK welfare reforms have generally been ‘static’ and examine the consequences of each reform in isolation. Impacts are then often overstated and fail to analyse how reforms will inter-act with one another.

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International expert panel discuss welfare conditionality

Last week, the first event of the research project ‘Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions, Support and Behaviour Change’ took place at the University of York. This five year (2013-2018) programme[1] aims to create an international and interdisciplinary focal point for social science research on welfare conditionality, that is, the linking welfare benefits and services to ‘responsible’ behaviour.

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New report finds that 9% of adults have been homeless

The newly published Homelessness Monitor: England finds that nine per cent of adults in England have experienced homelessness at some point in their life, the highest rate of all the UK countries.

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Homelessness, Rights and Discretion in Scotland and Ireland

It has long been recognised that due to their substantial discretion, public sector workers play an important role in making welfare policies, not just passively implementing policies designed by governments. Drawing on her recent study which compares Scotland’s rights-based and Ireland’s social partnership approach to homelessness, Beth Watts looks again at enduring debates about the best balance between rules and discretion in the design and delivery of welfare services.

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