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Five steps to make children’s rights a reality in the Scottish planning system

The Scottish planning system is soon to undergo reform. Here, Dr Jenny Wood identifies five ways Scottish Government can improve children’s participation in the planning process, and the environments it shapes and manages.

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Having a legal right to settled accommodation empowers homeless people in Scotland

Scotland is very unusual in granting virtually all homeless people a legal entitlement to settled accommodation. Beth Watts asks what difference such legal rights really make to experiences of homelessness.

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Miserable in our own way? Poverty, Exclusion, Inequality and the Scottish Independence Debate

Professor Glen Bramley discusses why he believes that from a poverty and welfare perspective, Scotland should stay within the UK.

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Reflections on the growth of food aid in today’s Scotland

Dr. Nicola Livingstone reports on the diverse nature of food aid in Scotland. The growth of food inequalities is a worrying development in UK society and a reflection on the government’s welfare reforms and our austerity economy...

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“Gulf in council spending may divide society”

“Cuts may force councils to stop funding arts and leisure services by 2015” and “Britain’s poorest and most deprived areas hit hardest as society becomes unacceptably more divided”. Read more

Reflections on homelessness and welfare reform in Scotland

Last week, I had the great pleasure of speaking at Homeless Action Scotland’s 14th National Conference. Speaking alongside some the architects of Scotland’s now globally renowned homelessness legislation[i] and facing an audience of 130 practitioners was both a privilege and a foreboding task

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Independence and its Impact on the Scottish Property Market

I hope you will forgive me for starting with my conclusion, that independence would be bad for the Scottish commercial property market.  Indeed, what I want to do is to signal to you that I think it would be not just bad but catastrophic. Read more

Scottish Independence and the Property Market

As the independence referendum approaches, the implications of independence for the property market and vice versa has not received any attention. The real estate sector is a major component of the Scottish economy, from new construction through to investment finance. Read more

Homelessness, Rights and Discretion in Scotland and Ireland

It has long been recognised that due to their substantial discretion, public sector workers play an important role in making welfare policies, not just passively implementing policies designed by governments. Drawing on her recent study which compares Scotland’s rights-based and Ireland’s social partnership approach to homelessness, Beth Watts looks again at enduring debates about the best balance between rules and discretion in the design and delivery of welfare services.

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IHURER seminar: The aristocracy of our moneyed corporations

Our next IHURER seminar will take place Wednesday, 5th June when Prof. Mark Stephens will be presenting on something a little different. “The battle to protect New Lanark and the Falls of Clyde” will be a case study of policy interpretation and its wider social ramifications today. Read more

Scottish impoverishment reported in media

Although Scotland does slightly better than the UK average, poverty in Scotland is the worst it has been in 30 years.

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Poverty research broadcast on ITV

The first results from this study were broadcast on ITV at 7.30pm on Thursday, March 28th in a special ‘Tonight’ programme on ‘Breadline Britain’.

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We need sustainable neighbourhoods as well as affordable housing

James MorganJames Morgan, Lecturer and Director of Studies at IHURER, applauds efficiency in the building of affordable homes but cautions that there’s also a place for local control and a need for sustainable neighbourhoods

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