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Demolish Morningside! Dr Peter Matthews presents Fringe Show

Dr Peter Matthews starred in a show on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – in which he spoke about policies to create mixed communities – and why these never seem to involve relocating the wealthy. In his blog, he reflects on his experience.

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Protection ‘for’ or protection ‘from’? Children in town planning

“Children are the future” and “Let’s do it for the kids”. These are the kind of phrases you often hear when talking of the legacy we wish to leave our planet, but what if children are just as much citizens of the present as they are the future?

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Report: Better measures of local incomes and poverty in Scotland

The Income Modelling Project was carried out by Heriot Watt University with the aim of developing improved measures of local incomes and poverty in Scotland at small area level. Professor Glen Bramley and David Watkins have now published a report on their findings. Read more

We need sustainable neighbourhoods as well as affordable housing

James MorganJames Morgan, Lecturer and Director of Studies at IHURER, applauds efficiency in the building of affordable homes but cautions that there’s also a place for local control and a need for sustainable neighbourhoods

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