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It’s Time to Consider Property Taxation in the Round

Mark Stephens argues that Scotland’s new system of housing transaction tax should be allowed to bed down, but that as the Parliament’s Finance Committee considers “A Scottish Approach to Taxation” it should consider property taxation in the round.

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A wasted opportunity – the Smith Commission and Housing

The Smith Commission has left the Scottish Parliament with no ability to redesign Housing Benefit. Professor Mark Stephens argues that this is a wasted opportunity.

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Miliband’s mansion tax leaves unfair council tax unreformed

Ed Miliband’s proposal to raise £1.2 billion by levying a ‘mansion tax’ on properties worth in excess of £2 million provides no solution to the unresolved issue of property taxation

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Seminar: Housing and Impoverishment

Our next IHURER seminar will be on Wednesday 23/10/2013 by Professor Glen Bramley. All seminars start at 4.15pm and take place in WA 3.11. For a full list of seminars, click here Read more

Professor Colin Jones wins RTPI Prize

Colin Jones from IHURER and Mike Coombes from Newcastle University have been awarded the Royal Town Planning Institute’s 2013 prize for excellence in academic spatial planning research for their work looking at Housing Market Areas. Read more

Housing policy downgrade downunder

hal pawsonIHURER Professor Hal Pawson, based at University of New South Wales reflects on the ‘dire state of neglected social housing’ and housing affordability problems in Australia.

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An energy efficient property tax?

Can you imagine selling your home for a price that is dependent on how energy efficient it is? That is a possible future in store for Scotland under the new Land and Building Transaction Tax (LBTT), being discussed this Wednesday (5th June, 2013) at the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee.

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Is your house your pension, or a curse for the next generation?

Rising house prices are not just a kind of “free money” or an alternative pension, Professor Chris Leishman warns. As Britain’s housing crisis continues to deepen due to increasingly scarce and expensive housing, he has embarked on a new research project that aims to find a way to reform property taxation fairly, and help to stabilise house prices.

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Press Release: New figures on the impoverishment of the UK

Key findings of the Poverty and Social Exclusion (PSE) Project, published today in its first report ‘The Impoverishment of the UK’.

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