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Implementing the Homeless Reduction Bill: Lessons from London

Now that the Homelessness Reduction Bill has passed its second reading, I-SPHERE PhD Student and practitioner Adam Stephenson considers how local authorities can best implement the proposed changes.

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Urban Refugees and the Challenge of the Slums

Assessing the vulnerability of refugee groups is a major obstacle for humanitarian action in urban areas. Aisling O'Loghlen investigates vulnerability of refugees in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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The Welfare Wall

To date assessments of the current UK welfare reforms have generally been ‘static’ and examine the consequences of each reform in isolation. Impacts are then often overstated and fail to analyse how reforms will inter-act with one another.

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Planning for people, for adults, or just for economic growth?

Town planning began as a service to people, and its social roots continue to drive it towards this goal. This kind of language infiltrates plans and policies throughout the UK, but in the messy political world of planning, who makes up the ‘people’ for whom we plan? Read more

$ markets the spot

We live in a period where free market dominance is being openly questioned in terms of efficiency and sustainability – among other reasons. No doubt this has a lot to do with the financial crisis’ effect on every economy in the world, which is then retransmitted and multiplied due to globalization. Even the most fortified and/or isolated systems felt the disturbance knocking on their door. Read more

Protection ‘for’ or protection ‘from’? Children in town planning

“Children are the future” and “Let’s do it for the kids”. These are the kind of phrases you often hear when talking of the legacy we wish to leave our planet, but what if children are just as much citizens of the present as they are the future?

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BANANA NIMBYism – Planning research as stand-up comedy

Jenny Wood is a postgraduate student on the MRes Urban Studies Research programme and has started her PhD into the value of children’s engagement in the planning process. Watch how she turned her research into a fantastic comedy show at the famous The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh.

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A twit to who?

Paul Whybrow, PhD researcher at IHURER and full-time researcher at the University of Newcastle, shares his thoughts on the rise of social media and the importance of collaborative research.

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