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Poverty research broadcast on ITV

The Poverty and Social Exclusion (PSE) Project is is the largest and most authoritative study of poverty and deprivation ever conducted in the UK. Within the research team, Glen Bramley and  Kirsten Besemer  are particularly responsible for analysing results which relate to local services, housing, neighbourhood, education and financial inclusion, and the way poverty in Scotland differs from the rest of the UK.

The first results from this study were broadcast on ITV at 7.30pm on Thursday, March 28th in a special ‘Tonight’ programme on ‘Breadline Britain’. The first report from the PSE UK team ‘The impoverishment of the UK’  is now available on the PSE website.

Following the ITV programme, we will regularly report on our ongoing analysis on this blog and on the PSE website. We will be looking at the public’s perceptions of necessities, revealing the extent of deprivation and social exclusion today and highlighting trends that have become apparent over the last ten years. We’ll also be analysing the outcomes of the research in relation to policy implications

You can follow the PSE Team on Twitter at @PSE2010 and you can also follow the Tonight programme here @ITVTonight.

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  1. Rebecca Turner #

    I would like to send the guy a ticket for the Chester F C game, can that be arranged?

    March 28, 2013
    • It might be worth writing to ITV. They should be able to contact him.

      April 2, 2013
  2. gary k.waters #

    One lady interviewed in this programme said that a family getting £12-00 per day,per person would be living in poverty.
    Do the calculations and you get a four person family getting £336-00 per week.Even if you put aside £300 per week for rent and fuel cost,you are left with £36-00 for food.
    For a four person family,this should be enough for food.I noticed on the list shown,there was a roast dinner that a person should have at least once a week.I bet the powers that be count the cigarettes,drugs and booze as essentials too.
    I figure that going by these calculations,I`ve been living in poverty for 55 years,and yet I`m still knocking about.
    True,that recent changes in state benefits will no doubt see some people lacking in SKY TV,more booze and drugs and holidays they can not afford,but hey,I`m just
    one of the poor folk.
    Oh, and how that lady is forced to pay £1000 per month in rent and child care is beyond me.

    March 28, 2013
    • People need far more things to live an ordinary life than rent, fuel and food. They need clothes, money to repair and replace electrical goods, they need transport to work and to school. You can find the full list of the things the majority of people in the UK think are necessities here: The reality is that a family of four cannot afford all the items on this list for 12 pounds per person.

      April 2, 2013

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